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Art Submission Only Form

We apologize if we lost your contact info on a previous submissions, the form stack we used got deleted and we lost contact with the 3rd party app, but we appreciated/implemented some of the request through the years.  We have a new form to submit special request below.


By submitting ideas or art there is no guarantee it will come to fruition & by submitting ideas and or artwork you are expressly stating you have the rights to said artwork & it is okay to produce it.  If custom work is needed it is $40 per hour.


Your chances of seeing something happen increase under these factors.

  • Submit high resolution symmetrically round work in .pdf, .png or .ai
  • Have the desire to purchase more than one, like for a club or group as production cost is expensive for one off's
  • Include good contact info up to and not excluding groups you belong to in forums and or on Facebook 
  • We can help businesses by producing exclusive items just for them so let us know if that's the plan

STEP 1: Please upload any size file you like (even zip file is okay) here >

Then past the share link File Dropper gives you in your message below & we'll retrieve it. 

STEP 2: Fill out form and hit send.



Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.