General Refund & Returns:

Friendly 14 day return window for UN-ASSEMBLED items returned in like new condition & no restocking fee for orders under $100. 


Items returned must include ANY items included with said order (decals, free with etc.).  I will refund your purchase price minus shipping & you are responsible for traceable return shipping. You should email us at before returning product.  Special order (custom) items do not qualify for returns.  



All badge kits have a one year warranty. We feel we are unique as the only badge company that offers any warranty at all. 


Extended Warranty Offer: Limited Lifetime Replacement Offer For Badges Purchased After 10.1.2018: 

If you purchased a grille badge kit from us our pledge  to you is that for $22 shipped, for as long as we operate as a company we will refurbish your badge no matter how many years it has been to as closely to original as possible. *Some art may be discontinued so alternates will have to be agreed upon. You just mail us back just the badge holder and artwork (you keep your mounting hardware to use again) and we will handle it from there. This is our special thank you to our customers who supported us.  Again, NO ONE selling badges makes such offers to their customers. 


What is NOT covered as warranty? *Minor to average UV fade is to be expected on the replaceable insert & is not a defect, however if something extreme is happening inside a year we do want to know. We reserve the right to ask defective items to be returned for inspection.  Salt damage, abrasive chemical cleaners, normal wear & tear from road debris, scuffing/scratching on the trail isn't covered, but you still qualify for your one time discount replacement. 


How to care for your badge:

Extra care (waxing) should be applied if you live in coastal area's due to high concentration of salt in the air and water.  Also waxing the insert is a good idea if you live in a heavily sunny area. Do NOT use DE-greaser on our product as it will break down the dye process and sealants.  You can clear coat the badge insert holder if you wish, it will not affect your warranty and will extend the newness look for a longer time. 


Shipping Policy:

If you pay with PayPal Please make sure your address with PayPal is correct, we will only ship to that address per PayPal policy. Not responsible for lost packages if your address with Paypal is not correct.


Pricing Policy:

We do not have a “price match policy", we do not do "price adjustments" and we do not add in freebies from past or future offers.  We feel the product is worth the MSRP range of $49.99.


Address Errors / Wrong Paypal Address: 

If a package is delivered to an old PayPal address & you cannot recover the product I will have no recourse with the Post Office and the sale is still completed according to terms of PayPal.  Please & I mean please make sure your PayPal info is correct before ordering as it will help you and I complete a happy transaction!


Lost package? We need to work together!

You must 1st place a call to USPS with tracking number to start a claim for a "missing" or "lost" items. Let me know once you are this far along what the claim number is. I will then use your claim # to add to my own ticket with USPS. This is not an overnight process and during holidays USPS is more likely to make an error and drop your package at your neighbors house & your neighbor usually puts in back in the box and the problem self resolves in a few days.



Items are NOT marked as genuine Ford, Dodge, Ram, Chevy, Nissan, Mini, BMW, Jeep, Toyota, TRD or Hino branded items.  There is absolutely no implied statement of us offering original OEM products. This is a fan site with images of fan art.

These images below are NOT our badges, read our promise.