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Premium Grille Badge Light Blue, Dark Blue, Red Gradient Fits Tacoma, 4Runner, FJ Cruiser, Tundra

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We include wing nuts to make the installation much more user-friendly. Premium means, this plastic badge uses injected colors that run deep, you can even clear-coat them, but by nature, they last longer than most import kits flooding the market.

This badge is made of acrylic/plastics & minor assembly may be required. A protective film may be present on some models that need to be removed AFTER you have test fit the product.

The bolts are fixed, approx 2.7" apart, max depth, approx 1.75" leaving room for the washer clamp to grab the bolts. These won't work on every grille, but they fit "most grilles that accommodate the spacing mentioned above. If you gently test fit before removing any protective film and it doesn't work, we have a 30-day return window, no hassles. 

Be aware, these are fragile, nothing like our metal badges, you can over-tighten and break them or pop the fronts right off due to over-tightening, please take your time. 

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